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• This is a quick, anonymous and easy way for you to leave a message for other booth users to meet at Libido.

• You can login from anywhere and tell people you’re at the Glory Holes now or tell them when you’d like to meet.

• It’s FREE, totally discrete and all posts are under your username. No personal information is required. The message board’s sole purpose is to connect Libido Booth users.

• You’ll need an email account to sign up (any email account will do). Most people setup a basic Hotmail account or similar.



07-10-2018, 06:55

+4 -0  

Keen to drop in at opening this morning GL straight guy 30. Have a load to drop you could choke on. I bet tou cant swallow my load in one go, many have tried but all have failed. Keen to make this happen anyone gonna be round?


06-10-2018, 23:03

+1 -0  

Here now, looking for alpha cock to play with. 33/sub/curious. 30+ only


06-10-2018, 21:50

+1 -0  

Coming today st 12mn . Want to suck some straight guys big D


06-10-2018, 20:54

+3 -2  

Hi I’m new to this I’m wanting to visit the glory hole one day I would like to know when any women would be going


06-10-2018, 14:35

+0 -0  

Am heading out clubbing tonight also, so if anyone is interested in me getting on my knees and worshipping every inch of you, then hmu (guiltyprince: kik) 23yo


06-10-2018, 14:11

+0 -1  

Kik: guiltyprince


06-10-2018, 14:09

+0 -0  

Has anybody been at the holes when there is a female sucking cocks? Some couples talk about going, but I have never been lucky enough to catch them. Has anybody seen LUCYDD or was she somebody’s tease account?

Hoping to go a couple of times in the day next week.
Is anybody keen to take a load?


06-10-2018, 13:55

+0 -1  

Anyone want to drop a load sometime soon


06-10-2018, 13:08

+0 -0  

Here now if anyones thirsty


06-10-2018, 07:09

+0 -0  

Hi I’ll be there today around 4 pm need to drop a load anyone interested? I’m 24



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