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• This is a quick, anonymous and easy way for you to leave a message for other booth users to meet at Libido.

• You can login from anywhere and tell people you’re at the Glory Holes now or tell them when you’d like to meet.

• It’s FREE, totally discrete and all posts are under your username. No personal information is required. The message board’s sole purpose is to connect Libido Booth users.

• You’ll need an email account to sign up (any email account will do). Most people setup a basic Hotmail account or similar.


13-10-2021, 09:44

+7 -4  


13-10-2021, 07:37

+0 -0  

Going in at 10 o’clock this morning looking to get my cock sucked 6 inch cut nice and thick


13-10-2021, 06:06

+0 -1  

M22 any lovely ladies coming in today looking for a girl to suck me dry I have k I k if you want to private message


12-10-2021, 19:49

+2 -6  

@Jack yes spot on. he went into the booth 1 whilst i was waiting for available booth i was standing right outside and i keep peeking LMAO i can sort of see his smooth light brown arse.


12-10-2021, 19:48

+1 -0  

K i K me at jilly_summer any fit dudes?


12-10-2021, 19:42

+0 -0  

Any female or couples headed in


12-10-2021, 19:38

+1 -0  

Anyone coming this Saturday? Looking to get their cock sucked?


12-10-2021, 19:16

+0 -0  

Here now


12-10-2021, 18:30

+0 -0  

Any couples in at the moment


12-10-2021, 17:57

+1 -0  

CUMLOVER what do you mean by sc?



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