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• This is a quick, anonymous and easy way for you to leave a message for other booth users to meet at Libido Adult Shop...

• You can login from anywhere and tell people you’re at the Glory Holes now or tell them when you’d like to meet.

• It’s FREE, totally discrete and all posts are under your username. No personal information is required. The message board’s sole purpose is to connect Libido Booth users.

• You’ll need an email account to sign up (any email account will do). Most people setup a basic Hotmail account or similar.


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18-07-2024, 16:05

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Mobile M O U T H
Tonight only

J O H N. D O E C U R I O U S

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18-07-2024, 15:50

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In room five waiting to unload


18-07-2024, 15:05

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Anyone going rn? Waiting here to unload some bals


18-07-2024, 11:28

+1 -4  

Coming in at 1 any females are receiving?

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Prince Albert

18-07-2024, 09:55

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In t 12 need to unload feel through for balls n ass

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18-07-2024, 08:24

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Hi be there 4pm 18/7/24 need to unload and will return the favour


18-07-2024, 08:15

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Heading in today between 12 and 1.


18-07-2024, 08:11

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Anyone today?


17-07-2024, 21:06

+1 -1  

Here now waiting


17-07-2024, 16:35

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Change of plan. Is any mouth available at 5.40. Could be doing with being swallowed



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Message posting is currently very slow. We're working on it!