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28-07-2018, 00:51

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Any Women looking to meet at the gloryhole. Let me know on kik: Max.G.888

I will be there over the weekend but can meet other days to.


27-07-2018, 17:31

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Hello! I’m curious and this is my first time. Looking for females out there wanting to get eaten out/mutual oral. Want to explore my fantasies.

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26-07-2018, 10:36

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Hey guys new to this. Would love to get my cock sucked today if anyones free


21-07-2018, 10:14

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hey newguy...when r u gonna be there?
hope i'm not too late...
will drive anywhere u want .....


21-07-2018, 10:10

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im very interested.....not sure if u want to get sucked or you do the sucking?
would love to get in touch.....


21-07-2018, 08:00

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Hi everyone! New to this all. Would like to give it a try today if anyone is interested?


18-07-2018, 19:57

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Hello everyone
I'm new to this so wondering what is the best time to visit? It's there a charge? Looking to suck a cock for the first time but also happy to perform oral Lin a female... looking to do a couple of any come here... I'm free tomorrow if anyone it's keen... leery me know a time

William Dean

18-07-2018, 18:15

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Hi looking for a woman to service me in a glory hole please. New to all this. Not wanting a guy thanks.


17-07-2018, 20:59

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Hi there
I'm a newbie looking for advice. Have a nice smooth cock and wld love it worked over.
No sure how this all works please give me some advice.


15-07-2018, 22:17

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Hi bi curious 33/m/sub here - Never had a glory hole/gay experience before, want to do it over next couple of weeks. Would just be hand play only (maybe some licking), I would prefer to give but can go either way. Would also prefer a female being involved but I’m an easy sub :) find me on kik - temponine

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